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        英语热词 “sitting disease(久坐症)”

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        上班对着电脑坐8小时,回家对着电视、手机、电脑或平板继续坐3-4个小时,我们一天的大部分时光似乎都是坐着度过的。已经有不少研究表明,久坐会增加患心血管疾病、肥胖以及糖尿病的风险,而且所有因为久坐产生的病症现在都被统称为sitting disease(久坐症)了。

        If you spend a good part of your day sitting down, the thought has probably already crossed your mind that all that time on your gluteus maximus can't be doing your body any favors. In fact, sitting for prolonged periods can be downright deadly, and the condition caused by that has been dubbed "sitting disease".
        Experts reported that even people who sit for extended periods but regularly hit the gym are at risk. Exercise in itself, though obviously critical to our bodies overall, doesn't seem to counter the damaging effects of all this time spent seated.
        Prolonged sitting, it turns out, flips biochemical switches inside muscle cells that boost your odds for heart failure, up your risk for fatal heart disease by 27 percent and fatal cancers by 21 percent, even if you exercise regularly.
        The American Journal of Epidemiology stresses that health messages "should include both being physically active and reducing time spent sitting."
        Fortunately, the way to cure sitting disease is simple: Wake up your muscles (especially the big ones in your legs, butt and core) with just two minutes of movement every 30 minutes!
        1. Set a timer. Use the alarm clock on your phone to remind you it’s time to rise up.
        2. Take a quick walk to the bathroom or water cooler, grab a cup of Joe or meet a co-worker to discuss a work issue.
        3. Head for the stairs. You’ll burn about 29 calories climbing stairs for three minutes.
        4. Stand up, sit down, repeat.

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