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          Due to barriers in English communications, enterprises are suffering losses every day. Due to their misunderstandings of English emails, salespeople lose valuable customers. Due to the lack of English language skills, employees find it hard to improve their performances; WECL Corporate English Training program is ready to help your employees to improve their overall English level!
          Our corporate English training course is designed for professionals who have some basic English skills, and want to use English at work, in life, and during business trips. It is intended to improve their communication skills in business English. This course is focused on various business scenarios, integrated with English speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, we also provide necessary business English skills for your staff, enabling them to master spoken business English for such occasions as presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephone conversations, and social communications.

          The key to your English course are your foreign English teachers. All the foreign teachers we hire are from North America or the Commonwealth, who have completed internationally recognized teaching qualifications and have rich teaching experience. They fully understand the characteristics of Chinese students who are learning English, and are proficient in the latest English teaching methods. In addition to outstanding English teaching ability, they also have experience teaching business clients. Their rich knowledge in business English can provide you with the most helpful guidance.
        Join the WECL corporate English training program now, and gear your enterprise to the international standard!