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        Tailored Individual Program

        Exclusive class (1-3 students), exclusive opportunities to communicate with foreign teachers, highly targeted, with significant results!
        Class-pool course where 3-5 friends are invited to form a “class”, to receive personalized teaching by foreign teachers tailored for your group. Victories rest on teamwork!
        Professional foreign teachers from North America will test the English levels of students, design different learning programs for students, tailor different training programs and design special curriculums for them according to their specific foundations and learning objectives.
        Flexible school hours allow students to conveniently schedule their time. Curriculum consultants track the progress of learning, so that students can work and study without concerns; the course is suitable for elites and successful people who have both busy work schedules and an urgent need to rapidly improve their English listening and speaking abilities!

        • Opportunities to personally visit campuses in North America
        • Opportunities to turn your “dumb English” into “every day English”
        • Opportunities to have close contact with professional foreign teachers from North America throughout the trip

        Strictly tailored teaching programs, completely individualized teaching; courses given by carefully selected excellent teachers according to the learning programs designed for you, coupled with services provided by teaching assistants and curriculum consultants, who supervise your study, and make sure that you will achieve the desired outcomes!