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        Tourism English

        The internationally popular immersion language teaching method has been proven to be the most effective language teaching method in a relatively closed environment.Total Immersion Experience English(Abbreviation TIE):It requires that students use the target language consistently throughout their daily lives, so as to block the interference of the mother tongue. It allows students to form the habit of thinking in the target language and thus achieve the goal of flexibly using the target language.
        Course features

        • All the courses are taught by professional foreign teachers from North America and the Commonwealth
        • All-day English immersion environment
        • Advanced original international textbooks
        • Tailored services from personal assistants

        In real life, many students and white-collars often do not have fixed time to rest or learn English after work. WECL English School dedicates the Flexible Course to you!
        Suitable people:people in business circles, who are busy at work, cannot attend class on time, and pursue flexible school hours, as well as super “travel friends” who love traveling!
        Students of this course can flexibly customize their time and courses, freely pursue further study. The flexible hours allow them to begin studying whenever they arrive at the school, and the course is charged based on academic hours. Full-time Courses, evening courses, weekend courses, Flexible courses, optional foreign teachers and VIP sessions are all available.


        Weekend Business Course

        Course Description
        The Weekend Business Course “Let's talk!” (i.e. the weekend immersion English class) is the most “in” language teaching mode elaborately designed by WECL English School through continuous improvement and accumulation of many years of teaching practice. This course adopts the internationally popular “immersion” learning method, based on the learning characteristics of the part-time students, allowing them to be immersed in the pure English environment. Here, students are required to communicate with one another only in English; they spend their learning and dining time together with the foreign teachers. Colorful and interesting activities allow students to be able to think and communicate totally in English in a relatively concentrated period of time, so that students will get familiar with the common sentence patterns and vocabularies and speak in English automatically.
        Course details
        Class Schedule: Business English: 9: 00-11: 50 every Sunday (3 periods, 50 minutes per period)
        Topic English: 13: 30-16: 20 every Sunday (3 periods, 50 minutes per period)
        Total number of hours: buy time cards according to needs, pay-per-card class, reservations required
        1. Spoken English Enrichment Class
        Target group: high school English level or above.
        Content: daily oral communication and basic business conversation.
        Objective: Students are able to understand 90% of foreign teachers’ words spoken at an average speed; make conversations in English proficiently in various daily situations; familiar with the basic business language; communicate in simple business English.
        Tests are required for admission.

        2. Business English Course
        Target group: University level English or above.
        Content: conversations on different topics and business activities.
        Objective: can pronounce accurately and master relatively authentic spoken English; can understand 98% of foreign teachers’ words spoken at an average speed; can make conversations in English proficiently in various business situations.
        Tests are required for admission.