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            Xiamen WECL English School (WECL) is a professional full-time school dedicated to the “immersion-style” face-to-face English teaching. WECL English School was founded by World Exchanges Inc. (WEI). Since its foundation in Xiamen in 1999, over the past 15 years, the school has trained tens of thousands of English talents and achieved great success. The unique immersion English teaching mode has attracted the attentions of domestic universities. Tsinghua University, Beijing International Studies University, Yantai University and other universities have all cooperated with WECL, to promote the “full English” teaching mode. Xiamen WECL English School has an excellent team of professional foreign teachers, to provide all-round teaching assistant services. By adopting the North American-style multi-disciplinary teaching method, we try to provide an authentic English-speaking world for English learners, where they can learn and practice English in all aspects.


        WECL English School was set up directly in the communities in Xiamen, with numerous courses and influence radiating into the society at large.

        The School offers:

        Full-time courses   part-time courses   VIP personalized courses   off-hour courses (weekend and evening courses)

        Children's courses   corporate training courses    short-term immersion intensive courses (winter/summer vacation courses)

        Eight main characteristics of WECL English Education:
        1. Professional (full-time) foreign teachers from U.K., U.S., and Australia:

            All the courses are given by full-time professional English teachers from English speaking countries, like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia;
        2. Wholly original textbooks:

            All textbooks are original English textbooks compiled by experts whose native language is English;
        3. Entirely North American model:

            In the aspect of daily teaching management, well-experienced dean of foreign nationality is responsible for the overall supervision, to ensure the quality of teaching. It is an important feature of WECL English education to have foreign teachers teaching the main subjects serving as class tutors. The dean and teachers of WECL English adopt the advanced “personalized”, “democratized”, “respecting” and “interactive” teaching methods popular in North America. They respect each student's personality and characteristics, tap and develop their language potentials, and create an interactive teaching environment through democracy and full respect for students, and try to become a good teacher and helping friend for students. WECL believes that there are no students who cannot learn English well, but only inappropriate teaching methods and nonprofessional teachers.
        4. Wholly-integrated courses:

            The courses of WECL English Education integrates English, world knowledge and cultures, international business and practices, international affairs and China's foreign relations. With English as the medium of instruction, and in the process of mastering such knowledge as world cultures, religious rituals and customs, and international affairs, the current international relations and China's foreign relations, students will imperceptibly learn how to practically use English, the language for global communications. WECL’s integrated curriculum can both enhance the content and the overall quality of the learners, but also lay a good foundation for language and knowledge for them to access the international arena and work with international enterprises and institutions.
        5. Wholly English environment:

            The only communication language on the campus of WECL is English. From writing requests for leave to writing papers, from breakfast to dinner, from morning exercises to games, from everyday intense study to weekend entertainments, from Golden Weeks to summer and winter vacations, the only language of communication is English. “Speaking English even in dreams” is the most vivid self portrait of students at WECL. Thus, the dream of creating a true “English School” in a non-English speaking country is truly realized.
        6. Mainstream English:

            WECL teaches the popular English - North American English. Due to the social and economic progress, and developed educational technologies in North America, North American English has replaced those kinds of English from other regions and become the world's mainstream English. The North American mainstream English holds the same position as Mandarin in China. Therefore, WECL hires professional English teachers from the United States and Canada, rather than mixing people who can speak English from any part of the world, so that students will not confuse the mainstream English with non-mainstream ones.
        7. Functionality orientated:

            WECL English teaching is targeted at the practical use of English, with serving and expanding students' individual freedom as the yardstick, enabling students to get better jobs or better survival skills as the immediate goal, and improving students’ living conditions, their self-worth and quality of life as the tenet.
        8. Success stories:

            Over the past 14 years, WECL English School has achieved the staggering 100% success rate in terms of students training. The overwhelming majority of people can speak fluent English after graduation, despite their “dumb English” when entering the school. All graduates are equipped with the capability to survive in an English environment.

        Core concept of WECL English education:

                         Learn English with WECL, to expand your realm of freedom, and change living conditions.